Vixen Chat: Teairra Mari Talks ‘Unfinished Business’ Mixtape and Reality TV

VV: Now, on the reality show front, will we see you on the next season of Love & Hip-Hop?
TM: I don’t know. I was on there because Emily [Bustamente] is my friend, and I was supporting her. She’s isn’t doing it anymore, and I don’t know if I want to be involved. I don’t think so,though.

From your last experience, does it make you think twice about it?
Yeah, because I enjoyed myself and it was a nice platform, but no, because all of the things that are associated with that kind of platform. It’s a lot for me.

Understood. Have you been checking out Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta?
I missed the first episode!

I need you to watch it!
I’ve been hearing a lot about it.

Are you cool with anyone from the cast?
K. Michelle. That’s my girl. I’ve always had love for her. And Rasheeda. I love her and I know her as well. But that’s pretty much it for that cast.

What blossoming young artists are you feeling right now?
Well, her [signals to song playing, Azealia Banks’ “212”]! I actually like Iggy [Azalea] too

You know they’re having some issues [laughs]. What do you like about Iggy?
I just like her style. Like, she looks like this runway model, then she just starts spitting, and she has this accent. I just like Iggy.

Lastly, how should Vixens keep themselves summertime fine?
I think it’s all about color! I think colors are very important. For like daytime events, it’s good to have you some bomb wedges [motions toward Gucci wedges] or some stylish flats. It’s all about the sparkle and summer for color. Like, my friend was trying to make me get gray nails, and I’m like, ‘It’s summertime! I’m getting purple, honey!’ [Laughs]