Team Epiphany x Pepsi Presents #SummerFridays Yacht Party

Although yesterday didn’t seem like a day to be on a boat, the rain didn’t stop us from being on our Lonely Island steez!

Team Epiphany, a marketing and communications agency comprised of the most down-to-earth tastemakers in NYC, took the urban New York elite on a boat cruise that was entertaining, chill, and most importantly full of love and good energy.

“Summer Fridays” is the weekly event the team puts together in partnership with Pepsi where people of like-minded personalities can come together to drink, dance, and enjoy great music provided by DJ Wonder. Starting last Friday at the now infamous—and recently shut down—W.i.P. nightclub, the private events will continue on into next Friday.

This week’s event, hosted by Dee & Ricky, started at Pier 81 and ended on a World Yacht cruise on the Hudson. The rain tried to knock the hustle, but after 20 minutes or so it was smooth sailing until dock time.

Curator and Managing Partner of Team Epiphany Coltrane Curtis describes Summer Fridays as a responsibility that he has to the people—his people. He says, “[It’s] not on some Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, or militant shit [Laughs], but the reality is that nobody is doing things like this that makes sense to us and speaks to our aspirations. We are consumers, and we are not bound by the color of our skin—but that’s the way brands market to us. This is something that was able to be about us, from us, for us.”

He continues by adding, “Yeah, stereotypically we are hip-hop, but the reality is that the people and our spending power here far trumps what [supporting brands] were doing in the past. Often times it’s hard to show them that we can do these things or that they can hit their marks with us doing it on our own. We don’t need a celebrity [to be successful]; we are the celebrity. We the leaders of the pack, and that’s what these people are doing here.”

For info on how to be a part of the movement, visit Team Epiphany’s website [HERE]

Missed the boat? Don’t worry. Check out our gallery of images to see the great energy and smooth sailing on board: