The Art (And Importance) Of A Good Mind F-ck

From WWMD — There’s something about mind f-cking. I’m sure many of my fellow ovary owners will cosign that this is a foreplay must-have. The mess-free lube you don’t have to pick up all sheepishly at Duane Reade. Even a solid round of mind f-cking with a Picasso looking dude will get a lick of the lips… or at least a slow blink.

Because this art exceeds your basic flirting, pals. This is about inflection, intelligence, tact, empathy, challenge, seduction, chemistry. Not undressing someone with your eyes, but unraveling someone with your charm. The sh-t that gets Guerdley to write a blog titled Sex Is Good, But Sexual Tension Is Great! Don’t ever forget that your brain is your largest sexual organ. It’s science *Ron Burgundy voice*

Fun fact time! Here are the mental positions (almost) guaranteed to delight me and my southern regions: music analysis, well, overall art appreciation, magazine stuff, philosophical stuff, gender politics, race politics and the pursuit of happiness. Come knock me out my frock you sophisticated ignorants!

Okay, I must control myself.

*controls self*

Now fellas, do keep in mind that same way sex doesn’t consecutively have to be on Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams romance level 10, flies for mental stimulation. We don’t always need to levitate (though I promise you some candlelight Vinyasa classes with ol boy might actually get ya there!); a game of playful banter should forecast a wet and humid evening as well.

On the contrary, a bout of blah-blah cerebral smashing will gift thy pitied amateur with nothing more than a withered panty and every suitor’s favorite passing seconds—awkward silence. Real hot.

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