The Do’s and Don’ts of Lady Ink

With the skin-baring season in full effect, the ladies are stripping down and showing off their body art, some of which may need to be covered up over others.

While Rihanna is known for her eye-catching tatts in peculiar places, Beyoncé has kept it low-key enough that she could mask hers by simply putting a ring on it. Regardless, tattoos are an intimate reflection of the person rocking them.

So even if needling someone’s name in your skin (so they know it’s real) may be a tactic preferred by the ink-covered Rozay, Vixen’s ditching the cliché calligraphy and providing four fool-proof tatt tips that keep your exterior from looking like an art museum.

1. Do ink a small semblance of the love of your life in a significant place.

Beyoncé has never been a gal for overtly public displays of affection, unless it’s through her music. With the release of her 2011 album 4, the “Love On Top” singer revealed the significance of the number in her life (her birthday, Jay-Z’s birthday, wedding date and anniversary) and etched the roman numeral on her ring finger. Even if the former Single Lady sheds the rock, her love to Hov still shows.