The Rules of Flip Flops

Stop smacking

You can hear a pair of flip flops coming in the distance just like a pair of stilettos. For some reason, people either refuse to pick up their feet in flip flops or stomp so hard all you hear is the sound of the shoes smacking against your feet and the pavement. Simply said, it’s annoying.

Pedicures not optional

Look, except for two pieces of fabric stretched across your foot, your feet will pretty much be entirely exposed in flip flops. Make sure their up to par. No one’s saying you have to have a fancy pedicure with the massage chair and paraffin wrap. At the very least, we’re talking lotion and clipped or filed toenails. Is that too much too ask?

Let them go

As bad as seeing a pair of crusty feet in flip flops is, busted flip flops are nearly just as bad. Flip flops being as cheap as they are, there’s no reason to walk around in a dirty, dingy pair. We’re not talking about throwing away your Steve Madden’s because there’s a smudge on the side. We’re saying any pair of flops that cost you between $2 and $20 and is no longer the color it was when you bought them needs to go. At those prices, you don’t even have to save for a new pair, trash them and then buy ones that people can tell are actually supposed to be black.

Do you have any flip flop rules we missed?