Top 10 Comments Men Make Which Should Piss Women Off

1. “That’s my Bitch” or “This my Wifey.” If a Tiffany’s box were placed in front of you, you’d get excited, right? Just by the packaging, your expectations would soar. Even before untying the ribbon, your mind can envision what’s inside. On the contrary, your hopes are instantly dashed when you are handed a loaded garbage bag, correct? While your mind can imagine what’s inside, you’d rather not. That is exactly what happens when you are identified as some man’s “bitch” or his “wifey”. It’s all in the presentation. When a man, both, recognizes and values the treasure he’s found in you, his only wish is to represent you in the same light. Labels like “bitch” and “wifey” are too dim for someone as bright as you.