Top 20 #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause Tweets

After Chris Brown and Drake allegedly got into a bottle-throwing fight at an NYC club Wednesday night, Breezy took to the Twittersphere to post his sliced chin and throw virtual shots at Drizzy’s camp.

The morning after, timelines were alive with shade being thrown at the YMCMB emcee with the trending topic #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause. Here are the top 20 tweets for your SMH and LOLing pleasure.

1. [email protected]_SINCE94: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause He realized YOLO wouldn’t save him from Chris.

2. [email protected]: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause he knew way too many people in the room, that he didn’t know last year”

3. [email protected]: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause he needed more bath salts

4. @Yo_WillyWonka: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause he heard Common and Pusha was on their way too

5. @BanggMichael: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause his wheelchair wasn’t fast enough.

6.‏ @_CaptSaveAHOE_: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause He Didnt Wanna End Up Like Rihanna

7. @JustDionGarrett: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause He got it confused with Marvins Room

8. ‏@WolfPack_WZRD: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause @rihanna met @MeekMill in the bathroom…he hit her while the water was runnin lol

9. @Movement:#DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause he is on a 24 hour Champagne diet.

10. @BlindEnt: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause He thought he as getting punk’d again.

11. ‏@kiid_bootsx3: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause he threw the bottle & said, “Cry if you need to but I can’t stay to watch you, it’s the wrong thing to do

12. @OfficialCPrince: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause like a sprained ankle boy he aint nothing to play with.

13. ‏@Jus_Ruthless: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause wayne told him not to fight

14. @JustDionGarrett: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause rihanna wasn’t there to take care of him.

15. ‏@ThatBlakDude: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause Club Paradise is owned by @chrisbrown now.

16. ‏@XLeBeauRebelleX: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause He doesnt fight boys, he like picking fights with females.

17. ‏@BanggMichael: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause He’s still in love with Nebbi.

18. ‏@Mrs_Treble89: #DrakeRanTotheBathroomBecause Marvin’s Room was taken…

19. @oneclassymofo: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause Chris Brown wanted another round

20. ‏@OfficialLodown: #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause He aint bout that life