Top 10 Summer Fashion Do’s and Don’ts


1.DON’T let it all hang out. Yes, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” but there is something much classier when a woman leaves a little something to the imagination. I know that it will be hot, but your cleavage doesn’t have to be out all the time and booty doesn’t have to show all the time either.

2. DON’T carry an over-sized bag. While we all love a purse that can carry our makeup bag, a spare outfit and shoes to match, they just make your body feel hotter than the sun. Simplify and try a smaller bag with a convertible strap that can go from a handbag to a shoulder bag instantly.

3.DON’T over do the trend thing. Wearing everything single trend at the same time doesn’t give you a chance to showcase your personal style. You want to try trends that match your signature style.

4. DON’T wear off-season shoes. Year after year, you may notice a few people wearing boots on a hot spring day. Does this really make sense when you have been stuck in boots for the whole winter season? One important thing you do when spring comes is to allow your feet to breathe in cute sandals, peep toe shoes, and lightweight sneakers. No one wants sweaty feet when it’s beautiful outside.

5. DON’T get stuck in a rut. Once we find something that suits us, it can be hard to break away from that. Remember to always try something new and experiment with fashion. You’ll never broaden your horizons if you don’t try new things.