V Exclusive! Pharrell Talks New Bee Clothing Line, Upcoming Billionaire Girls Club

Pharrell is currently in the middle of a musical upswing. His recent contributions to Usher’s forthcoming album, Looking 4 Myself, are already causing a frenzy online, thanks to a premature leak of the entire project. But P’s creative juices are also continuing to churn through his clothing company, Billionaire Boys Club. Last night, VIBE attending a private viewing of the upcoming Fall/Holiday line of BBC, as well as select pieces from its offshoot brand, BEE (With Mark McNairy). Showcasing an outdoors theme and aesthetics of classic old world garments, Skateboard P’s fashion channels are producing a more sophisticated design. For a brief few minutes, we pulled Pharrell to the side for a quick chat about Billionaire fabrics.

VIBE: I know we only have a few minutes but I noticed the BEE line is very outerwear focused.
Pharrell: Outerwear but mixed with traditional styles. Old Englishman, dandy man.

A lot of the tags say “Made in Seattle” and “Made in California.” What were your initial inspirations for the line?
I just wanted to continue to be creative and ambitious, just moving forward.

What’s going on with the Billionaire Girls Club line?
It’s coming soon. Yoon from Ambush is the designer. Her and I have been working together on it for a while, now. You guys are going to love it. The BGC shit is incredible. It’s completely for HER. It’s like my girlfriend’s clothes. My girlfriend doesn’t dress like me, but what does she wear? A skater’s girlfriend doesn’t necessarily dress just like him but when you look at her you can tell she’s with him.

Is BGC going to be just t-shirts to start?
Well, I don’t want to give away everything but it’s coming and it’s nuts. Just wait for it.

Visit BBC’s official website for ordering information.