V Exclusive! Riff Raff Tells All About His Fall Out With Soulja Boy and SODMG

Twitter can put a rapper’s business into the public eye in a matter of seconds. These days hip-hop cats are more likely to fire off at each other on social media over private meetings. Look what happened between Soulja Boy and Riff Raff in the last 24 hours. The two wild boys seemed to be on good terms over the past year. They’ve recorded songs and videos together and the former G’s to Gents contestant repped SODMG pretty damn hard (pause). It wasn’t until Raff went public about his new record deal with lowkey-producer-turned-household-name Diplo that Soulja Boy began a series of Twitter disses against his former “artist.” We were shocked to see this very public fall out occur. Late last night, after a photo shoot, we hopped on the phone with Maddecent’s newest signee for the full story.
VIBE: Obviously, the world Twitter world went crazy yesterday when they saw you and Soulja Boy going at it. What happened, bro?
Riff Raff: Well actually, I thought everything was cool because like it’s been three, four months since Diplo hit me up and we were talking about [collaborations and a signing], and today it was just revealed that we sealed the deal. I haven’t been putting SODMG with my name in the past five months. I took it off my Twitter and my YouTube, stuff like that, but me and Soulja Boy would still randomly talk to on the phone, or whatever. I was just in Vegas, and everything was cool, and I was ‘Hey, I’m doing this stuff with Diplo, but I could still do shit with you too,’ so you know everything was supposed to be still cool. So that was just was at the Electric Daisy Festival, and we were talking and we were supposed to meet, and he said to come through, we can knock something out, work on some videos, all this shit.

So I called him and he’s not answering. My manager and my other man, who’s done multiple videos for him, said ‘Hey Soulja Boy unfollowed you on Twitter.’ And I was like ‘Nah, I just spoke to him, everything is cool. Everything is cool.’ And then I hadn’t heard anything from him [for the rest of the day]. So all of a sudden today I get a phone call from my people at FUSE TV asking me about this whole Soulja Boy thing and they’re telling me that he’s putting me on blast on Twitter, and I’m like ‘No way.’ So I go on there to check, and I’m like ‘Okay…let me see where this is going, because the last time I talked to you…everything was cool.’ You weren’t upset about the Diplo situation. Everything was fine. So I started thinking, maybe someone said something and pissed him off or somebody hacked his account, whatever!

There were multiple, multiple things, slandering me, saying I’m a coke head, and I’m like ‘This is some animosity. What’s he so angry about?’ He didn’t even get that mad when Lil’ B had stopped–when Lil’ B had stopped pushing SODMG and he didn’t even get mad about that, so I’m thinking he’s playing a game now, and he’s treating me like I ain’t fully in the game yet. There was a lack of promotion with Soulja Boy [involving certain projects with him], and that’s just like with anything, if you have a job or anything, if somebody’s not treating you properly, whether you in a relationship, or anywhere in life, if they’re not treating you right, you gonna go find it somewhere else, or go with your other options where there is more money, it’s as simple as that. And I understand that, so I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, but he was coming at him with animosity, I’m like ‘Damn! Soulja Boy, why you mad at me?’ You never did anything to me, I never did anything to you, but I would never expose you not doing anything for me, but now that you’re saying [all this online, now] I will say something like ‘Yeah, you right!’ You gonna tell people that you never did anything for me? You damn right! [Soulja] never did anything for me. Like how would you feel if an MVP franchise type player ended up on your “label?” You can only judge how good you’re going get treated by how that person has treated other people or their main player, especially by the main player. That’ll be like LeBron James going around in big labels, with Versace on everyday, driving around in big cars, getting picked up in helicopters, that makes you go, “Damn! I wanna be on that team! They’re popular over there!”

So if he’s saying that I’m this and I’m that, I didn’t do this, he was never in SODMG, and I’m claiming him–I haven’t been claiming you or SODMG for the last three to four months, so what are you talking about? So I was like fuck it because I don’t want to be promoting somebody who’s bad-mouthing me. I dropped multiple videos. I dropped so many videos. I would drop a video, and he [would act like he didn’t even care]. On that episode–my manager shot it for me–that episode where he was giving me the chain, I mean even Tyler, the Creator] was in there–he didn’t even include my name as a link on the YouTube.

Why did Soulja Boy say that the chain was fake? That part I didn’t get because we all saw in the video that he gave it to you, and today he was saying it was fake…
Exactly. On his YouTube page, he has erased every last video that had me in it.

That’s crazy. So Riff Raff, is there honestly something that happened to cause him to flip out?
The video that had me, him and Tyler, which he gave me the chain, had like close to 2 million plays, and he erased that video and my name wasn’t even on the title, he didn’t put my name in the title. I have no idea. He wasn’t doing anything for me, he wasn’t helping me. He would randomly tweet me, and sometimes he would tweet me to get on the phone to deal with shit, but then he would…

My manager did plenty of videos for him and those were my people [helping him out], and then he wants to go and unfollow me and him on Twitter. I can’t read this dude’s mind. I’m not going to talk down or slander him even though he did that to me, but that’s fine, I don’t care. All care about is how [I’m doing] in my world. With the Diplo situation, that did it for me. I’m not hurting anybody. If he wants to say I didn’t help him, that’s cool, fine.

How did you initially meet Soulja Boy and get down with SODMG?
I’ve always been a fan of his, and shit like that, from way back, I’ve always liked his music. It’s cool if he’s mad, I don’t care, but we linked up through Twitter and I think it was a couple of years ago, and then we was just like…I don’t know…we just exchanged Twitters back and forth and then one day, we followed back and forth, and it was like–and I was still new to this shit–‘Yeah, what’s up with SODMG, [I want to be in it]”, and he was like “Cool”. And you can see it in that video where he’s like ‘And here’s the newest, welcome my newest artist’

Yeah! Soulja Boy made it seem like you guys met in real life! Were you guys actually hanging out in real life at that point?
At the very, very beginning, no, I was in Baltimore, but when I came to California, I think it was actually January 1 of this year, and we actually started kicking it, but we ever really super hung out, but we recorded a few songs, and that Versace song.

Was Soulja Boy somebody you considered your friend, or was it more so just business?
Well, I was always a low-key [acquaintance, I guess,] because people would always–like I said, you gotta look at other people’s situations with them, is anybody else running around with them signing deals? Is anybody else shining? But I’m not the type of person to say that somebody owe me something. I’m the type of person that with my experiences, you keep promoting me; I’ll keep promoting you, pushing you. I could make the money on my own. So our friendship never got into a…I mean I don’t want to speak for anybody else’s relationship, but he never did anything for me. If he felt like he did something for me, then fine, whatever, thank you, whatever it is you did, that’s cool. I’m not going to say this, I’m not going to say that. I’m not going to bring up his personal, or false information, talking about doing cocaine and stuff. That’s his problem if he wants to take it there. I’m not tripping. We never got into a full friendship like that. I was around him. But I’m just that kind of person; I’m like that with everybody. Whatever. It’s all good.

So all those times you were with him, the vibe was cool? There didn’t seem to be any animosity. You guys would smoke, hang out, record music together, it was a cool vibe at least?
Yeah no, like there was never no animosity. Like I said, a few days ago we had just spoke about it, at midnight, in Vegas at Daisy, we had a meeting, him, me and Max, and said everything was cool. And I was like, “You know I could still push you and push SODMG, but I’m over here doing this thing with Diplo because that’s what’s making the money, but I could still bump with you too, like I’m not tripping”. The fact that he’s burning bridges…I’m not mad about it, because at the end of the day, it is all business.

It was just so shocking to see him so pissed off.
I have no idea. Because when Lil’ B stopping pushing SODMG and stopped promoting them, and I haven’t seen him do anything with SODMG in the last four months, so for him to bring that up today? He’s bringing that upon himself. I sometimes had [more views online] than him.

How did you meet Diplo?

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