V Playlist: Wiz Khalifa x 50 Cent, Asher Roth, Pusha T x Swizz Beatz, Pleasure P x Tyga, The Alchemist x Action Bronson

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Wiz Khalifa (feat. 50 Cent) – “Telescope”
The laid back beat is a bit of a change of pace compared to 50’s recent material, but he manages to impress without losing his signature style. Wiz sounds high—which he probably was.

2. Asher Roth – “Good Morning View”
It’s like a Motown classic meets b-boy fresh. Asher proves once again why racial barriers aren’t an issue for him in this rap game.

3. Pusha T (feat. Swizz Beatz) – “In This Ho”
Maybe it’s the constant repetition, the sub-par production on Swizz’s end, or just what we overall expect from Pusha, but this one really did nothing for us.

4. Pleasure P (feat. Tyga) – “I Love Girls”
“I love girls so much I think I’m lesbi-honest…” Umm yeah, clever play on words P….

5. The Alchemist (feat. Action Bronson) – “Decisions Over Veal Orloff”
The Wu-Tang influence is heavy on this one—even Bron’s flow is slightly similar to Ghostface.