VIBE TV: Tyler Perry Talks ‘Madea’s Witness Protection’

Tyler Perry… Madea… whatever you want to call him, is back at it. The director/producer/actor is bringing his character Madea back to the big screen for loads of laughs in Madea’s Witness Protection. VIBE caught up with Mr. Perry to discuss how he picked each member of the comical cast (Romeo Miller, Eugene Levy, Denise Richards and more), why he chose a different concept this time around, and what other projects he’s working on this year. “I just wanted to do a straight comedy… I couldn’t resist it, I couldn’t let it go. Can you imagine Madea on a plane, Madea going through the airport, Madea in a five-star hotel?” said Perry. “That’s like having my mother and the first time she stayed in a hotel [laughs]. That’s a great story.” Watch the full interview below: Check out the film in theaters Friday, June 29.