Vixen Chat: Yandy Smith Talks Pregnancy, Her Private Relationship and Missy Elliott


The last time we spoke, you were wrapping up production on Love & Hip-Hop. How do you feel after taping as well as watching yourself on the show?
I can’t say it wasn’t me. It was completely me. Every little bit of it was me. I wish they were able to go into a little more of who I am as a person and see some more of my characteristics, but I was very careful because I didn’t want my personal life exploited and on the show. I wanted it to be focused on business, but the way it turned out; it was focused on business either. I guess if I gave in a little on the personal side, all of the drama wouldn’t have been necessary.

If you were asked to, would you come back for a second season?
I probably would, if the money was right. If it’s something that my significant other wanted to do, I would do it. You know, because I have a family now and I wouldn’t want to put the message out there of raising this baby by myself since I’m not. So, it would have to be a family decision now since there’s more to my life and my family since taping the show previously.

As of date, you’ve been doing a lot of work with Missy Elliot. What can fans expect from her next studio album?
The album is incredible. Her and Timbaland came together and joined forces on this album. It’s like Missy and Tim reunited times three because it’s extra dope. It has some new flavor to it then a little of the old school funk to it. It’s crazy. They put their asses in it. They did the damn thing.

When can we expect that to drop?
I don’t want to give a date yet, because everything has to align, all of the ducks have to be in a row. We do have a possible date, but it all depends on when the single comes out as well, and how everything goes. There are a lot of factors that go into putting a Missy project out. So, I don’t want to say anything, and then I have the Missy stans coming for me when it’s not that deep [laughs]. It’s definitely in the near future when you’ll be hearing a single, a very near future.

What has been going with Everything Girls Love? Can we expect a new collection soon?
Everything Girls Love is doing very well, especially the magazine. On the jewelry front, everything is consistently going well. We’re adding new products every month. We recently added a lip gloss line called Embellish. We’re also doing jewelry shows around the East Coast. We had a couple jewelry shows this past month.

Tami Roman graced the last cover, what do you think of her whole stint on this season of Basketball Wives, especially after being labeled as an “adult bully” towards the end?
I can’t really speak for Basketball Wives, but I know with our show, a lot of times things were one-sided. People on my show were calling me the Don King of reality TV because it looked like I was setting fights up. Like I was setting Kimbella up when Chrissy [Lampkin] fought her, and I set Kimbella up with Erica [Mena]. A lot of times, it was situation I didn’t even know we were walking into. I happen to know Tami personally and she’s a really sweet person. I can’t speak about what Tami has done, because I know reality TV and I know how editing works.

If the participants know this about the editing style, why do you think they all keep coming back?
The positive by far outweighs the negative. I look at how much it’s done for my brand, my Everything Girls Love brand, how I’ve been able to become a writer for Black Enterprise, how many people request me to manage them, even the money I’ve been able to save. I basically have my son’s college tuition saved and that’s just from club hosting. I didn’t spend any of that money. I put it in the bank for him, so when I look at that, it’s great! I can’t take anything away from the opportunities it’s afforded me.