Wanderlust: 10 Summer Traveling Rules

Choose your companions wisely.
Nothing sucks more than being stuck on a vacation with people you don’t really like. Sometimes we want more people to go on a trip to save money on hotel stays or other things, but what you save in your wallet may not always be worth the other costs you pay. Plus, there’s no rule against traveling solo.

Chill on the cocktails.
Fruity alcoholic drinks are a given when you’re relaxing away from home, but what you don’t want to be is the girl who missed an entire day of the trip because you went too hard the night before. Your alcohol tolerance doesn’t change just because your area code did. You know your tolerance, stick with it. Your body will thank you. Also, pop an aspirin and drink water before you go to bed to ward off that next morning hangover.

Figure out your hair NOW.
Can you do the wet and wavy or are you going to need a little help from the braid or weave gods? When you plan on swimming and hitting the beach, it doesn’t make much sense to have a sleek, straightened style. Try braid- or twist-outs or a weave that you can wash and go, so you’re not spending your time away trying to fix your hair every night.

No following strange boys.
Everything seems fun and carefree when the drinks are flowing and the sun is shining, but don’t let that accent or hot beach body tease you into being unsafe. Nothing’s wrong with hooking up with some male company but start off with public areas with your group of girls and his. Agree to meet at a club or for drinks or dinner. There’s safety in numbers, and you need to make sure that fine man isn’t shady.

Tune out the rest of the world.
No phone, no Twitter, no E-mail. Okay, you don’t have to cut out all of those things, but do not stay glued to your phone checking work emails or on your laptop sending reports. You are on vacation! Also, block out all the drama you left back at home. If there was a guy who was acting funny before you left, or your mom was bugging you about nonsense, or a friend kept calling to talk your ear off about nothing, ignore it all during your 3-, 5-, 7-day getaway. This is your time. Those issues will still be there when you get back, don’t stress over it while you’re away.

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