What to Wear to a Pool Party

Summer 2012 is almost officially here, but are you ready for all the pool parties and soirees you are going to attend?

If not, Teen Vogue gets you prepared to enjoy all the festivities with cute swimsuit outfits and even cuter outfit add-ons. Whether the party is indoors, outdoors or both, learn this summer’s hot items that you can add to any party outfit. From dresses to towels, you’ll know all the things that you need in order to look stylish and make a “splash” at your pool events. They give the ins and outs of style for pool apparel that are great additions to your stylish wardrobe. Not only are these clothing picks and accessories cute, fun and chic, but they are also affordable to help you look cuter and not empty out your pockets in the process.

Below are a list of a few items that are on the top of the must-have list. Sharifa Daniels