What’s Your Personal Style Saying About Your Personality?

On a recent episode of Style Network’s “How Do I Look?” entitled “Mistress of Darkness,” a stubborn punk-rock-meets-goth chick claimed her dark personal style reflected her personality. To challenge Melody’s claim, the show host, Jeannie, did an experiment. She set up a divider in a coffee shop and had random strangers sit on one side while the fang-wearing contestant sat on the other. Neither one could see the other. The two then conversed about their interests and hobbies. They joked, laughed, even flirted with one another. Her snarl suddenly transformed into a girlish smile. Her body language completely changed.

Next, five distinctly styled mannequins were placed before them: one in a power suit, another in a loose top and jeans, the third in a flowy, colorful dress and another in a blouse and pencil skirt. The fifth was dressed in pieces from Melody’s very own goth-inspired wardrobe—a t-shirt with a skull design and a spiky leather choker. Each stranger was asked to pick the outfit they thought best reflected Melody’s personality. No one picked the skull ensemble. Finally, the divider was removed and everyone had the same reaction. Complete and utter shock. No one suspected the bright red bangs, choppy, asymmetrical haircut, dark lips and piercings. Check out the clip here!

While Melody’s thought her rocker edge was a PART of her personality, there were so many more layers to who she was: a professional, a friend, a flirt. And so much more to what she loved: museums, opera, and poetry.  I used to feel like Melody did at the beginning of the episode: Wear whatever the heck you want, be it chains and leather or pearls and cashmere. Who cares what everyone else thinks? People shouldn’t judge you based on your appearance. How shallow?!

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