What’s Your Personal Style Saying About Your Personality?

But the truth is, the first thing people see is your appearance. We assess people based on how they look. While we shouldn’t treat people differently based on their attire, we cannot deny that the choices we make about our personal style are exactly that. Personal.

Whether you opt for slouchy tees over tailored button-ups or a motorcycle jacket over a peacoat, it’s worth asking yourself which side of your multifaceted self are you broadcasting to the world. Is it varied or one-dimensional? Maybe it’s your laid back, come-what-may persona. Perhaps it’s your inner vixen who has a soft spot for leopard print. Or maybe it’s that shy girl who has always been insecure about her curves. It might even be all three! Whoever or whatever it is, it should be deliberate and authentic.

What does your personal style say about you? Is it saying all that you want it to?


-Audra E. Lord

Tags: Fashion