Who You Calling a Ho?

In the beginning of May, the above lyric (delivered by Chris Brown) had the entire Internet going nuts. Many speculated that he was targeting on-and-off-again ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and rumors continued to circulate once the singer unfollowed Chris Brown on Twitter shortly after.

Fast-forward to the end of May, Breezy removes Meek Mill off of a song due to rumors of the MMG-affiliated rapper and Rihanna having some sort of sexual relationship. As a retaliation tactic, Meek Mill and Drake both took to Twitter to subtweet about both of them “having” Rihanna and how Chris Brown needs to let it go. Once these tweets hit the social media network, Twitter naturally explode with tons of finger-pointing at her for being fast, promiscuous and being a ho.

But here’s a question: What exactly makes Rihanna a ho?