Who You Calling a Ho?

At 24 years old, she’s single, rich, well-cultured and is on top of her music game. Just like many people her age, she is going to be prone to date and form relationships with people that she finds interesting and intriguing. As rich or poor as some of us are, we all will still have the desire to be in love and wanted by someone – and until we get that, we will continue to date and meet people until we find the exact one that we want.

It’s a shame that just because her relationships are public and are under a magnifying glass, she is quick to be judged and called a “ho.”

Besides Brown, do you even know if she actually slept with any of the other people she’s been linked to? And even if she did, is it wrong, especially if she dated them and protected herself while doing so?

Aside from the men who put her on blast, other men and women have been constantly bad-mouthing RiRi for simply enjoying herself and having a fruitful dating life. Even though this kind of activity is expected out of men (since they are the ones giving each other pats on the back for “whoring around,” while ridiculing women for being linked to different men), the heavy outpour of hate from women almost made me sick to my stomach. As women, we need to stick together and build each other up, instead of letting what men say dictate our actions and how we support each other.