Power Struggle! Why Self-Made Women Need Self-Sufficient Men

For one, men who are self-motivated do not require a girlfriend or wifey that serves as a stunt double for mom. Not only are they able to look after themselves, they make it priority to take care of the special women in their lives. Sure, you got your own, but a man with the means to provide and share has no problem spoiling you with his riches.

Secondly, a man with goals never needs to be told twice. He maximizes every minute of his time, making sure he needs to handle his business and keep it going. There are no limits in his mind, which only complements your visions of the future. It’s also a given that a man with passion in all aspects of his life is able to show for it in the bedroom.

Last but not least, a man who is comfortable with himself will keep you at ease. He opts for stability over insecurity. You need not worry about second-guessing his emotions because he’s straightforward and checks any drama at the door. He commands the attention of the room but will more than likely shine the spotlight on you. Point blank, a man who knows he’s good only leaves you feeling better.