Will Smith Bans Willow From Dating Until She’s 40


Will Smith might be the cool dad when it comes to the ladies and his son, but in the case of his 11-year-old daughter Willow Smith, not so much.

The Men In Black 3 star recently revealed that he has (jokingly) banned Willow from dating until she’s 40.

As the spunky preteen is rapidly approaching the dating years, we wonder just how long dad’s rule will stick. We’ve already seen Willow crushing on Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator, so this will be quite interesting to watch as she gets older.

“When Willow does bring a boy home, I’m going to screen him and find out everything about him,” stated Will. “And that’s going to happen when she’s 40, when she’s allowed to go on dates!”

Looks like a scene out of Bad Boys II will be in Willow’s future.