Would You Go to the Strip Club With Your Man?

Over the weekend, Ludacris and his girlfriend Eudoxie were spotted at a Atlanta strip club spending close to $10,000 to be entertained. A few months ago, Ne-Yo and his fianceé Monyetta were also seen making it rain. Based on the pictures, Monyetta and Eudoxie were both right next to their men enjoying the festivities. This seems to be a popular trend among several celebrity couples, but would you ever accompany your man to a strip club?

In my opinion, I feel like the relationship has to be pretty secure to partake in those kind of activities together but you have to wonder what the real reasons are behind wanting go. Is it to spy and see if your man is acting right in that kind of environment, or do some of these women truly enjoy the art form of stripping and go for pure entertainment?

Vixens, let us know…

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