Xbox Shows New Madden 13, Halo 4, Call of Duty & More at E3 2012

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Worry not gameheads, Microsoft’s Xbox game console did this E3 conference, being held in Los Angeles, justice by introducing a myraid of new additions to their popular Xbox Live and Kinect platforms for you. During their 90-minute presentation the mega entertainment brand that billionaire Bill Gates ok’d back in 1999, showed they are leading the way in innovation. Peep the stream of the event as Xbox unveiled a lot of soon to be released games and features (here is a quick list of highlights) : Halo 4: Strong visuals as a new developer takes the driver seat and improves on graphics and storyline. Tom Clancey’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist EA Sports: FIFA 13 with Kinect voice recognition. Madden 13 with Kinect intergration (NFL legend Joe Montana called out mulit-plays in groups and even shouted audibles on the fly. (August 28th) Fable The Journey trailer Gears of War Saga trailer looks like a real movie. Xbox Entertainment: Bing intergrated voice activation, for Netflix & such. Bing Voice search. In different languages. Nike Plus added with Kinect Training. Real time feed back on fitness workouts. Nike Plus and Xbox Live will find competitors for you through their network. Virtual trainers push you to work out. Coming Holiday 2012 Xbox SmartGlass: connects your smart hardware to Xbox entertainment. So you can connect to movies, games and more through your phone or tablet. Tomb Raider is Back!! Tomb Raider is insane!!! That is all…(Parachutes, river slides, brutal combat: Exclusive download on Xbox only) Capcom Execs showcased a zombie game. You might know of it, Resident Evil? It’ll be a hit with all the walking dead talk going on these days. South Park game, where they save their town: The Stick of Truth Dance Central 3: Learn dances from the past to the present. Usher is a spokesperson on the game. He performed his newest hit “Scream”. Call of Duty Black Ops 2! Crazy graphics. Destruction in the inner city. Ops need to protect the President. Crazy angles and a lot of up malls and such. Release date: 11.13.12

Shout out to Spike TV for streaming the event.

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