You Might Want To Go Natural If…

For some women, natural hair is a testament to their self-acceptance, a proclamation of their Black pride or a political statement. For others, it’s simply a matter of convenience. Regardless their logic, here are 10 reasons you might want to go natural…

1. You have serious fro/twists/loc envy.
Every time you cross paths with a fluffy-froed, kinky-twisted or loced sister, you gasp. You’re in awe of her hair’s lushness and her overall regal air. You think, “I’d go natural if my hair could look like that!” Trust us, your hair could and will look just as fly.

2. You think there’s such a thing as good/bad hair.
We’re firm believers at COCO that the only good hair is healthy hair. All textures from the tightest kink to the loosest curl are beautiful in their own way. Different textures can achieve different styles. For everything else, the appropriate product and styling technique will get you the desired look.

3. Your hair is fried and thinned out.
Step away from the creamy crack. Our hair is already extremely fragile due to the shape of its strand. Harsh chemicals like relaxers can weaken them. If your tresses are damaged, strongly consider doing the “big chop” or transitioning. You’ll see your hair’s fullness transform.

4. You suffer from alopecia.
As a result of the improper use of perms, many women suffer from chemically-induced alopecia (especially around the hairline). If you’re one of them and you stop treating it with chemicals and the damage isn’t too severe, you may still be able to salvage your hair.

5. You’re tired of dodging the rain.
It’s exhausting and annoying to have to make a mad dash every time there’s some precipitation. Wearing your hair the way it already naturally responds to moisture will make the weather forecast less daunting.

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