Young, Sexual — and Responsible: 5 Lessons Rihanna Taught Me

Rihanna’s name has been dragged all through the e-mud these past couple of weeks, thanks to rumored diss tracks from her old boo Chris Brown and the man who claimed he never got a chance with her, Drake.

Whether these two men were really trying to play her or not, the rest of the world has started putting the singer on blast for her sexy image, wild-child ways and assumed promiscuity, but let’s be real: if we were 24 with that body and that money would we be doing anything different? I think not.

Since none of us have been in Rihanna’s bed, all we can see from the outside is a girl partying hard and trying to have as much fun as she possibly can as a sexually liberated young woman, and even though she doesn’t want to be a role model, her boldness has still taught us a few key lessons.

1. Work Hard, Play Hard
Rihanna had a killer six-month international tour last year that kept her going non-stop. Are we surprised she’s been partying it up ever since? After having to be on a strict schedule of rehearsals and concerts, she deserves time to wild out and have fun without any obligations for a bit and that’s a lesson we all need to learn. Put in the work when you have to, but don’t forget to reward yourself in the end.

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