Young, Sexual — and Responsible: 5 Lessons Rihanna Taught Me

3. You Can Date Men in the Same Circles
Though Breezy is the only entertainer we can confirm she’s been with, Rihanna has been linked to Drake and Meek Mill who are both rappers. You’d expect someone of her status to hook up with other men on her same level, but people have used her relationships with Matt Kemp and Dudley O’Shaughnessy to label her a slut because they’re all famous. Guess how much she cares? About as much as we should when it comes to dating men in the same circles—not at all. It’s crazy to limit your romantic options just because you went out with another guy who’s an accountant, mechanic, salesman or whatever. It didn’t work out and you’re on to the next. If they happen to be in the same industry, so be it.

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