Is That Your Chick? 10 Females Who Sparked Feuds Between Rappers

Want to piss off a rapper? Tell him he doesn’t have as much money as you. Tell him his car isn’t as nice as yours. Tell him his house isn’t as big as yours. And then, if none of that works, tell him you had “relations” with his girl. If that doesn’t piss him off, nothing will.

Since the beginning of time, males have been arguing over females. Is it childish? Yes. Is it immature? Of course. Does it usually get out of hand to the point that the girl standing in the middle of two guys feels uncomfortable about the whole thing? It sure does. But, it happens. And, when it comes to rappers throwing disses at one another, it’s a way of life.

Case in point: Meek Mill, Chris Brown, and Drake exchanged shots with one another last weekend over Rihanna. Meek claimed CB took him off a song on his Fortune album because of some rumors about him and Rih-Rih. Breezy threw a subliminal back at him and her. And then Drizzy got involved by insinuating that he had been intimate with CB’s ex-girl. It was all pretty ridiculous. But, at the same time, it showed how emotional men can get when it comes to a woman.

Rihanna definitely isn’t the first female to spark a feud amongst rappers, though. Over time, there have actually been quite a few females who have done it. So, we put together a list of the 10 Females Who Sparked Feuds Between Rappers. These lovely ladies pissed off a handful of rappers and almost started all-out wars.—Chris Yuscavage