Zimmerman Reenacts Events Leading To Trayvon Martin’s Murder

As we approach the 4 month anniversary since Trayvon Martin lost his life at the hands of George Zimmerman, the topic remains a debated and touchy subject. In the latest of the whole ordeal, Zimmerman did an on-air reenactment with ABC News of that fateful night to explain what forced him to shoot Trayvon. As Zimmerman explains, “I went to grab my cell phone, but I left it in a different pocket. I looked down at my pants pocket, he said, ‘You got a problem now’ and then he was here and he punched me in the face,” throwing a punch near his own face to illustrate his point. If only Trayvon could argue his side of the story. Oh wait, Zimmerman took that chance away from him. See the reenactment here: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player