The Zombie Apocalypse Continues: Woman In NY Tries To Eat Cop

Here we go again! Another person has tried to eat another person—just like that zombie dude from Miami—while high on Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, which you may know by its street name “bath salt.”

According to Village Voice, police were called to Stanley’s Bar in Utica, NY to handle an “emotional, disturbed person.” There, police found a 41-year-old woman sitting in a stairwell with a “blank stare” on her face

When the officer tried to question the woman, that’s when things got batshit crazy! Apparently, she got aggressive and lunged at one of the officers, attempting to bite him. After telling cops her desire to eat people, she was then taken to St. Luke’s Hospital where it was determined that she was under the influence of bath salts.

Man, we have to get this bath salt situation under control! Nobody wants to end up in a Resident Evil situation at all—no matter how cool it may sound!