The 10 Best “Birthday” Hip-Hop Songs In Recent History


Haaaaaaappy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday…

If you’re looking to celebrate your birthday right this year, the last thing you should be singing is a song that was originally conceived more than 100 years ago. In fact, why would you even want to sing that song when there are literally dozens and dozens of other “Birthday” songs that you could sing? For instance, rather than putting on your party hat and breaking out into “Happy Birthday To You,” why not throw on 2 Chainz’ new single, “Birthday Song,” featuring Kanye West? We guarantee you’ll have a hell of a lot more fun doing that than you would listening to your family sing the tired old “birthday song” that you’ve been forced to listen to for years now.

2 Chainz isn’t the only one bringing the birthday heat, either. Over the course of the last decade or so, there have been plenty of other rap and R&B artists who have recorded “birthday” songs, too. So, in honor of 2 Chainz’ latest single, we decided to put together a list of The 10 Best “Birthday” Songs In Recent History.

Cut yourself a piece of cake and dig in.

1. “Birthday Cake”

The Artist: Rihanna
Why It’s Great: Okay, okay. So, we don’t exactly endorse the idea of pressing play on this one when the family is gathered around the table. But, at the after party? Ohhhhhhh yeah! Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake….

2.”In Da Club”

The Artist: 50 Cent
Why It’s Great: There’s really nothing like hearing Fif say, “Go shawty, it’s your birthday!” on your birthday, is there?

3. “Birthday Sex”

The Artist: Jeremih
Why It’s Great: What do you want for your birthday? Hmmm…A new bike? No. A new pair of shoes? No. A new sweater? Heeeeeeell no! So, then, what? Well, Jeremih’s got a pretty good idea here. Why not steal it?

4. “Say Aah”

The Artist: Trey Songz
Why It’s Great: “Go girl! It’s ya birthday! Open wide…” Oh, sorry. But, that hook has helped many 20-something-year-old females get right at their table in the club on their birthdays.

5. “Birthday”

The Artist: Flo Rida
Why It’s Great: The hook is “I don’t want no cake on my birthday, I want my cake everyday!” So, technically, you can use this to celebrate your birthday 365 days a year. Sounds pretty awesome to us.

6. “Birthday Girl”

The Artist: Travis Porter
Why It’s Great: Are you celebrating your birthday at the strip club? Good for you! Consider this your new anthem.

7. “Birthday”

The Artist: Twista
Why It’s Great: Sometimes, you just want to pop a bottle at the club and let loose on the dance floor on your birthday. If that’s what you have in mind, this is the song that you need to serve as your soundtrack.

8. “It’s Your Birthday”

The Artist: R. Kelly
Why It’s Great: Kells keeps it extra classy. It won’t exactly got you hyped at your b-day party. But, it will get you prepared for it on the ride there.

9. “This Is My Party”

The Artist: Fabolous
Why It’s Great: Today is your day. So, party the way you want to. And, if anybody tries to stop you? Just sing this to ‘em.

10. “Birthday Song”

The Artist: 2 Chainz
Why It’s Great: Even though 2 Chainz’s 37th birthday is still a little more than a month away, he’s already celebrating! And, you should be, too. The latest “birthday” song to emerge is also already one of our favorites. Happy birthday to you, indeed.