The 10 Craziest Beefs of Game's Career

For Game, beef isn't just what's for dinner. It's also what's for breakfast, lunch, and snack time, too. Over the course of his career, he's been involved in dozens of different beefs and, judging by last weekend's events, he's going to be involved in many more in the future. On Sunday, Game posted a video of him assaulting fellow West Coast rapper 40 Glocc on WorldStarHipHop. The two rappers also took their beef to Twitter where they exchanged words and talked specifically about their physical altercation.

It was pretty nuts. But, are you really all that surprised by Game's actions? The guy loves getting into it with other rappers. So, in light of his most recent war with 40 Glocc, we decided to put together a list of The 10 Craziest Beefs of Game's Career. Something tells us Game's not done adding crazy beefs to his collection.—Chris Yuscavage

The Beef: Game vs. 50 Cent
Why They Were Beefing: At the height of 50's beef with Ja Rule, he was dissing everyone who worked with Ja, including guys like Jadakiss and Fat Joe. Game didn't like his approach to the beef and said so publicly. As a result, 50 kicked him out of G-Unit.
The Outcome: We put this beef first because it's easily the craziest (and most publicized) beef Game has ever been a part of. Even seven years after the beef started, these two still go at it every few months. And, while you'd think they'd just agree to disagree and move on, there are always rumors about a reconciliation. We don't ever see it happening. But, hey: With these two, who knows, right?

The Beef: Game vs. Jay-Z
Why They Were Beefing: Ummm…This one is up for debate. Jay has never really done anything to Game. But, Game has taken many, many shots at him over the years without getting a response.
The Outcome: This beef has basically been dead from the start. Although Game has released a slew of diss tracks aimed at Jay-Z and taken shots at him through the press on a number of different occasions, Jay has refused to respond to him and gone out of his way to let Game look like a fool for attacking him repeatedly. Game's also never really given us a good reason to think that he really hates Jay. But, with all of that said, we wouldn't put it past him to release another diss track aimed at Jay sometime in the future.

The Beef: Game vs. Joe Budden
Why They Were Beefing: Back in the early 2000s, Joe got into a war of words with G-Unit. But, with 50 busy trying to run the G-Unit empire, he sent Game after him and the two exchanged several diss tracks before the beef ran its course.
The Outcome: Initially, Joe and Game didn't really call any sort of truce or anything. Their beef just sort of dissipated. But, in 2008, Game was in New York for a show and decided to reach out to Joe to squash the beef once and for all. It's officially dead now.

The Beef: Game vs. Yukmouth
Why They Were Beefing: In 2004, Yukmouth approached Game at a club in Cali and told him that he had a problem with his mentor 50 Cent. Game responded by putting out a diss track a few days later aimed at Yuk.
The Outcome: After going back and forth and back and forth—and back and forth!—on records, a mutual friend helped these two end their beef.

The Beef: Game vs. Suge Knight
Why They Were Beefing: During their beef, Yukmouth claimed that Game had once been smacked by Suge Knight. And, Game responded by saying that Suge Knight would be "six feet under" if he ever tried to lay a hand on him.
The Outcome: At the 2005 BET Awards, one of Suge's Death Row associates allegedly tried to steal one of Game's chains. Then, at an after party for the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards, Suge was shot by an unknown assailant. Game denied any wrongdoing, but it was clear that this beef could potentially get out of hand. So, Suge and Game agreed to patch things up and put their beef behind them.

The Beef: Game vs. Lil' Eazy E
Why They Were Beefing: Eazy E's son claims that Game has misused his father's name throughout the course of his career.
The Outcome: Game didn't agree with Lil' Eazy's assessment. In fact, he believed that Lil' Eazy was simply trying to make a name for himself by attacking Game. So, he took some shots at him on his song, "120 Bars." But, he also admitted that he didn't really want to beef with Eazy E's son. So, the two squashed their beef during a radio interview.

The Beef: Game vs. Young Gunz
Why They Were Beefing: In the mid-2000s, Game was having trouble getting Jay-Z to respond to his disses, so he started taking shots at some of his Roc-A-Fella artists. That included Young Chris and Neef, who were called out on Game's track, "300 Bars." Game also recorded a track with Katt Williams after the Young Gunz took an innocent shot at the Katt Williams character "Money Mike" on their song, "Set It Off."
The Outcome: Young Chris ran into Game in Los Angeles earlier this year and took a photo with him. He admitted that the Young Gunz's beef with Game was petty and revealed that it was over.

The Beef: Game vs. Video vixens Vida Guerra, Melyssa Ford, and Gloria Velez
Why They Were Beefing: On his song, "Wouldn't Get Far," Game disses those three women—and, to a larger extent, all video vixens—for getting famous by hooking up with famous celebrities. He also said that he hooked up with Guerra.
The Outcome: None of the ladies were particularly happy. But, most of them took the high road and ignored Game. Guerra, however, went on the radio and said that she'd never had any kind of relationship, sexual or otherwise, with Game.

The Beef: Game vs. Ras Kass
Why They Were Beefing: Ras Kass approached Game in a Los Angeles nightclub in 2006 and told him that he didn't appreciate some rhymes that he wrote that he felt were directed at his son.
The Outcome: Like Game's beef with 40 Glocc, this one got physical. On several occasions, these two reportedly fought. And, while Snoop Dogg tried to mediate a truce, they never really deaded their beef.

The Beef: Game vs. Triple H
Why They Were Beefing: Doesn't this prove that Game will literally beef with anyone? In 2006, the wrestler sued the rapper over his name, The Game, which was the moniker Triple H had adopted a few years earlier.
The Outcome: Rather than build a case in the courtroom, Game suggested a PPV fight between the two. He also said that he would "f--- him up." That never happened, though, and this beef disappeared just like so many of Game's other beefs. Is the 40 Glocc beef next?

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