The 10 Most “Born Stunna” Facts From Birdman and Slim’s Billboard Cover Story


It’s no secret that Cash Money holds the key to success. Their masterminds, Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams and Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams, have cultivated their 21 year-old seed into a billion-dollar empire full of music, books, clothing and more.

Billboard Magazine covered the dynamic duo last week for their Urban Power issue. While the article itself is a story chock-full of noteworthy information, check out ten tidbits we found interesting from the editorial below.

1. Birdman wants to put out 100 albums in 1 year

2. While that’s the goal, they’d like to put out at least 35 albums in one year to start out

3. The closest anyone has gotten to releasing 100 albums in 1 year was No Limit Records in 1998 with a total of 23 dropped albums

4. Slim has the theme from the ‘Godfather’ as one of his two ringtones

5. Birdman wants Cash Money to dominate all genres of music. Besides hip-hop/rap, they currently have pop, rock, and reggae artists

6. At the time of print, they had 16 songs in the iTunes Top 25, and 6 songs in the Top 10

7. Cash Money’s deal with Universal is valued at $30 Million with 85% of royalties and 50% of its publishing and ownership of all masters kept within the company

8. The Cash Money/Universal deal is up for renegotiation this year

9. Miami’s The Hit Factory/Criteria Recording Studios has been the home base for all Cash Money recordings since Hurricane Katrina in 2005

10. Cash Money owns their own bus company, Millionaire Tours

Click here to check out an excerpt from the article over at Billboard.