10 Quotable Lines From Lloyd Banks’ ‘V6: The Gift’ Mixtape


Lloyd Banks is back, and killing it with his new mixtape V6: The Gift.

This time around, it seems like Banks had more to prove—especially with the recent comments made by 50 Cent about his work ethic. It almost seems like 50’s words were taken as constructive criticism, and used to propel a project that’s heavy on street anthems, cohesive production, and just enough features that allows Banks to prove his worth to the game without getting overshadowed by other MCs.

Check out these 10 rewind-worthy punchlines from V6: The Gift, and see if you agree that Banks is back to set the game on fire:

1. “Praying I’m in God’s eyes behind these bricks/Life’s a bitch, and she kicks/I switch ‘em out/Switching bitches like I’m switching these whips.” — “Intro/Rise From The Dirt”

2. “Honey got a fetish, so her face is all spit/Stuck my fingers in her pussy/Made her taste her own shit” — “The Sprint”

3. “I know you see me/You wish you was me/Life’s a bitch, and ya chick is ugly.” — “Open Arms”