10 Quotable Lines From Lloyd Banks’ ‘V6: The Gift’ Mixtape


7. “I lost my pops, October/It made me colder/No longer able to stand shoulder to shoulder/You know when it’s over/No rewind, no controller/No degree, no diploma/Just the heart of a soldier.” — “Chosen Few” (feat. Jadakiss)

8. “Fuck, you gon’ take advantage of Blue?/I wrote the Blueprint/Lay you out with my serpent/Beat that pussy up and roof it” — “Hate You More”

9. “The hate in the street’s too crowded, Royal Rumble/I’m gon’ see to it that all you crumble/Racks by the bundle/Relax, while I son you.” — “Show & Prove”

10. “I gets ‘em in, move ‘em out/I need a U-Haul truck/My cup overflows with mojo/You den used yours up/Feel like I’m catching stunts in slo-mo/Got the shoe stores stumped.” — “Terror Dome”