10 Reasons Black Women Are Disgusted with the Way the Black Man is Handling Himself


Disclaimer: Vixens, we’re sharing this post not in support of the reasons but to strictly show you what’s out there in the digital space. Sound off!

From In Flex We Trust–White girl + black man is definitely the elephant in the room Ice (and Erica too…)  – but let’s take it a step further. Things have changed – drastically, and let’s just say, us black women don’t like the way black men are currently handling themselves. Check out the top 10 reasons black women are disgusted with the new age black man.–iBlondeGenius

10. Oh, you’re 6’5? – doesn’t mean your going to the NBA. Wow, you made those words rhyme all by yourself? – doesn’t make you the next Hov. No one aspires to become a doctor anymore? Lawyer? Teacher? Writer? Cop? No? Oh. Stop looking for a women to support your unrealistic goals bro.

9. Black men seem to have the lamest dating strategies. Not saying you have to take me to the most expensive place, but no, coming over your house to chill and eat takeout isn’t on my list of fun first dates. I’m over the movies too. I can’t learn anything about you while sitting silent in a theatre for 2 hours. Take me to the museum or aquarium, bring a blanket and some fruit to the park. It’s not that hard to have a nice, cheap, out-the-ordinary date. Get creative.

8. Black men show no respect to black women. Would you call your mother the things you call us if we turn you down in the street? Treat us how you would want a man to treat your daughter and it’ll all work out.

7. Black guys love screaming loyalty but are usually the most unloyal ones. A black woman will stick by you through it all…cheating, lying, broke, unhappy, and she’s there to tell you everything will be better. What do you do? Turn around and leave her. Now she’s heartbroken and called bitter/angry. Learn to communicate better and more relationships will last.

6. Unmotivated. Irresponsible. Lazy….but talented. Are you proud of that? Man up and take care of business. Stop sitting around playing 2K all day. Stop waiting on line for 3 days for some sneakers. Black women see your potential and get mad when it goes to waste. Stop it. Grow up. Black men aren’t going to school. How many black men do you know with a masters? And of course school isn’t everything or for everybody. But start your own business. Stop being content with a job that has no growth. Think about your future.

5. The “M” word seems to scare black men these days, more than the “N” word back in the 50s. You know how many times I’ve heard a man say he doesn’t believe in marriage? Maybe if you didn’t believe in divorce, you would look at life differently. Black love is a beautiful thing.

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