2 Chainz on His Inspiration Behind ‘T.R.U. Story’ Album Cover


With the demise of CDs, rappers are coming up with new and innovative ways to help their album covers stick out. For ATL hotboy, 2 Chainz, his Def Jam debut received special attention when it came time to design his cover for Based On A T.R.U. Story. “Black and gold, that’s been a theme,” 2 Chainz tells VIBE. “I had the album cover done 2-3 months ago.” Kanye’s new creative team, Donda, was behind the symbolic piece of art. 2 Chainz says he wanted to make sure to think outside of the box to avoid getting lost in the over-saturated market. “I was actually trying to brainwash the consumer on Drake’s tour. We were doing a lot of black and gold on stage,” 2 Chainz continues. “It’s definitely an iconic cover to me, so to speak. I think it’s one of the best covers out today.” He stands proud in giving his fans something more to think about than just another rapper with lots of diamonds and fancy cars. 2 Chainz is set to drop a new single on July 24, and Based On A T.R.U. Story will be released on Aug14. Watch 2 Chainz talk about his inspiration below: (Watch Youtube Version Here)