The 25 Worst Celebrity DUI Mugshots of All Time


You’d think that a mugshot like this would be enough to get celebrities to stop drinking and driving.

Over the weekend, Jason Kidd made the mistake of getting behind the wheel after tipping a few back at a party in the Hamptons and, less than an hour later, he wrapped his car around a telephone pole. He’s lucky that he wasn’t injured in the crash and that he didn’t injure anyone else. But, he did get hauled off to jail on a DWI charge and photographed looking like, well, this before he finally bailed himself out and got to go home.

We’ve asked ourselves this question time and time again. But, why don’t celebrities hire drivers—or, at the very least, pay someone to be their designated drivers—when they know they’re going to be having a few drinks? It would save them from being embarrassed after getting popped for drunk driving. It would save them from setting a bad example to all the kids out there. And, maybe best of all, it would save them from taking horrendous mugshots at the end of their nights. All they have to do is find someone willing to drive them around. It’s simple common sense, right?!

Unfortunately not. It seems as if every time we turn around there’s another celeb getting busted, and we know that J-Kidd won’t be the last example. So, in one final effort to get celebrities to stop racking up DUI and DWI charges, we put together a list of The 25 Worst Celebrity DUI Mugshots of All Time. If these photos don’t get celebrities to stop drinking and driving, nothing will.

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