3 Celebrity Fashionistas We Want to See on Tumblr


Now that Beyonce has joined Tumblr and we’ve combed through all of her amazing looks over the past few years, we realized there are a few other celebs who need to join the movement—for fashion’s sake.

Red carpet premieres and magazine photo shoots just don’t always give us enough of a look into some of our favorite celebrities’ fabulous style, but with Tumblr we could get a bigger peak into their own personal favorite looks anytime we wanted to, and of course pick up a few pointers here and there. Consider this our open plea to get a Tumblr site for these three ladies up and running ASAP.

Tracee Ellis Ross

When Reed Between the Lines was on TV, Tuesday nights on Twitter were like let’s play dress up with Tracee. During each episode, she gave viewers the play-by-play on every look she wore on the show, where it was from, and how much she loved it—and we absolutely loved it. Imagine if she did the same thing on Tumblr? Trace is always flawless and versatile on the red carpet, and she wears things we can actually buy—most of her Reed wardrobe was from Zara—she needs to share the wealth and dish out some of that style knowhow on Tumblr.

Kerry Washington

Kerry recently told Style Bistro, Tracee Ellis Ross is her fashion inspiration, but Ms. Kerry is ours too. The Scandal star is the queen of cocktail couture and formal events and what better place to show off all that fashion genius than Tumblr? We won’t be selfish, she doesn’t have to post new pics all the time, we just need photos from every semi-formal/formal/gala/cocktail party she attends so we can figure out how to pull off that classic feminine look she’s mastered.

Lala Vasquez

We see a lot of Lala on her reality show but we don’t get enough of the wonderful looks she wears while she’s out and about. Whether she’s grabbing a bite with Kim Kardashian, or walking a red carpet, or heading out with Carmelo, the dress and the Christian Louboutins are calling our name. We need all of that goodness in one place. Plus with her new cosmetics line we can pick up some makeup tips while we’re there to complete the full look. Don’t deprive us Lala.

Which stylish celebrity do you want to see on Tumblr?

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