3 Reasons “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Is Totally Scripted


Mimi can’t possibly be this dumb … I hope

While “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is about several people, it looks like the show’s producers are going to center the drama around Mimi and Stevie J.  To call their relationship “troubled” is an understatement; it’s a train wreck.

While Mimi is off cleaning office buildings (she owns a service), Stevie J. is holed up in his studio with his jump-off/protégé. Although it’s clear Stevie is cheating, and according to various reports he has been for years, Mimi is choosing to look the other way while pretending to be upset about it.

But she’s not fooling me. Although she claims she and Stevie have been together for 15 years, I distinctly remember his very high-profile engagement to Eve back in the early noughties. And while that relationship could have happened when Mimi and Stevie were on a break, I don’t know how many more times she needs to have him look into her eyes and promise he isn’t sleeping around before she gets a clue.

For her sake, I hope Mimi isn’t as dumb as she seems and is really playing along with this foolishness just to cash a check, because the alternative — that she really is this spineless — is just too sad for words.

Do you think “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is completely scripted?

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