5 Essentials To Say Fresh and Clean this Summer


The minute you step out of the AC and out into the summer heat, the elements seem to be working overtime to make you a sweaty, potentially smelly, frizzy-haired mess. It’s tough to keep that natural glow from turning into drenching sweat, or to still smell like roses by the end of the day, but keeping a few essentials with you during the coming months will definitely help you stay as summer fresh as you were the minute you stepped out the door. Here are some items to might want to pick up for the season.

On-the-go cleansing wipes: If you’re wearing makeup, you probably won’t want to use this, but for days where you’re lounging at the beach or doing an outdoor workout sans cosmetics, these cleansing wipes are super handy. You don’t want sand and chlorine and all sorts of other things baked into your face for hours on end and with these wipes you can at least take care of the surface residue until you can get home and use your regular cleanser or scrub.

Blot papers: If you have naturally oily skin, you probably already use these in the winter, but with oil production kicking up in the summer, you’re going to want something quick to get rid of that shine. A lot of people will apply a blot powder or even pressed powder or foundation but you don’t want to add layers of product to your face this time of year, let these thin strips pick up the perspiration and leave everything else.

Gel sunscreen: Sunscreen is non-optional in the summer months but with some of the thick creams on the market, it can feel like you’re attracting heat by simply putting on any lotion with SPF. Opt for a gel that will keep your skin moisturized and protected from the sun but also provide a cooling effect so that you don’t feel sticky or like you’re lathering up for the winter. It wouldn’t hurt to switch to a lighter moisturizer for your face either.

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