And Ya Friend’s Bad Too: 3 BIG Ways You Accidently Encourage Him To Mind F-ck Your BFFs



Not so fun fact:

Over 68% of men have admitted to thinking about having sex with one of their partner’s friend’s during sex and another 12% admitted that they haven’t, but have had to restrain them self from doing so.

Told ya. Not fun at all right? Sh-t’s wack.

In all reality though, are we really shocked? Bird’s of a feather flock together, especially the ones with pretty wings (#ConceitedGirlProblems). So yes, he is in fact still loving every bit of your downward dog, but there’s a slight 80% chance he’s also curious about your BFFs yoganastics too. Now there’s no way anyone could truly goalie someone else’s wet wonton thoughts, nor would we ever recommend it. However ladies, there’s a couple of things we could do, or stop doing, to help, or rather unhelp the process.

Caught up with a couple of my favorite guys to find out some of the ways we women fertilize his dirty little seeds. Carry on:

1.) Our Complete Disbelief That 3 Is A Crowd

“I had a girlfriend who’s best friend came out with us all the time. I guess my girl was trying to not make her feel left out or whatever, but after a while I started feeling like I was in a relationship with both of them. She was around all the time. We going out? Oh Blah-Blah-Blah’s coming too. Again really? Fine. Eventually I turned my annoyance into some interesting daydreams.” –Ryan, 27

2.) Those Cute Little “Which One Of My Friends..” Just For Fun Entrapment Questions

“EVERY chick asks that question and I don’t know why! Like do you really wanna know what I think about your fine ass cousin? Come on now. Don’t put any more ideas in our heads.” –Emmanuel, 23

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