Angela Simmons Bares All in ‘Everything Girls Love’


Beauty and fashion mogul Angela Simmons let loose in online mag Everything Girls Love, from her latest business ventures to relationships.

Simmons recently partnered with Indique Hair to launch a wavy extensions line, Bikini, while continuously creating her own forthcoming clothing line, Angela Renee. The daughter of hip-hop mogul, Rev Run, explains how she was raised to be ambitious.
“Growing up watching my Dad and Uncle Russell’s work ethic naturally rubbed off on me,” she tells EGL. “Their work ethic is insanely rigorous. I was always told I could go for anything and hard work and passion will take me there. Having great role models around that inspire me has also been extremely helpful. I look at people like my Auntie Kimora in amazement. She’s a business woman, a mother, and fashionista. She manages it all, almost effortlessly–that’s admirable. Beyonce is a role model of mine as well. I’ve seen her build her career from the ground up. She went from being a Destiny’s Child group member to being one of the most prominent entertainers in the world, while still remaining a humble person with a remarkable spirit.”
She refuted rumors of her relationship with eye candy Lil Romeo and also gave some tips on how she keeps her body in tact.
“I say do what works best for you and your body. I do think you must love yourself from the beginning, no matter what the scale says. It’s a process; make a lifestyle with your eating habits and fitness. Be committed to the gym and have a focused mind on what you want your body to look like.”
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