Fantasia’s Baby’s Daddy Antwaun Cook Dating ‘Bad Girl’ Kendra James?


Antwaun Cook has become his own little “celebrity.”

Obviously, we came to know him from being Fantasia’s still-married boyfriend and baby’s daddy. Now, Mr. Cook has moved on to another unsuspecting personality, Kendra James from Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club season 4 (the season which starred Natalie Nunn).

According to The YBF, Kendra took to Instagram to post a pic of herself and a very familiar face to those of us who have been keeping up with the Fantasia saga. After fans started to ask Kendra if that was indeed Antwaun, she deleted the link. (Guilty much?)

Another picture was posted of Kendra and two young men, which later was confirmed to be a couple of Cook’s frat brothers.

To make things even more suspicious, when Ant joined Twitter, he pulled a Kanye and was only following one person, and it wasn’t Fantasia….or his estranged wife Paula.

Could the two be creepin’?–Jazmine Henley-Brown