Are You a Sucker For Sweet, Sexy Lipstick Names?


When we’re shopping for a new lipstick, about 90% of the purchase is about the color, but there’s something about a sweet, sexy name for the product we’re putting on our pout that makes the purchase just a little more fun.

Professor Debra Merskin at the University of Oregon dove into this issue a little deeper and categorized the names of 1,722 lipsticks to see which types of monikers were most popular. It turns out if a lipstick has anything to do with food, sex, or our mood, we’re most likely to buy it. Here’s the breakdown of the most popular categories:

  • Food: 24%
  • ?Color: 20%
  • Sex and Romance: 10%
  • Elements and Minerals: 9%
  • Emotions and Characteristics: 8%

Professor Merskin is getting a little deeper than most of us go when we’re just slapping some color on our lips, but she says these names coincide with how we feel about ourselves when we have the colors on, and how we act. So for example, if you’ve got on Mac’s Rebel shade you might feel a little more rebellious possibly, or a lip gloss line of deliciously sheer shades might appeal to your sweet senses and butter you out of the cash in your wallet.

This research is probably more useful for marketers trying to figure out how to get more women to take home their products but consider this a warning next time you’re enticed by a sweet-named lipstick at the makeup counter. It might be the name that’s drawing you in as opposed to the shade.

What’s the name of your favorite lipstick?

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