Azealia Banks Channels Gay “Ball Culture” at the Mermaid Ball in L.A.

First sights upon walking into Azealia Banks’ Mermaid Ball: Gigantic seahorse balloons, choreographed dancers “reading” and “voguing” and gyrating go-go girls wearing nothing but flesh-colored spandex and shimmering pasties. Theatrical fog and flashing blue lights created flickering illusions of movement, and excited concert-goers in bikini tops, seashells and glitter further enhanced the underwater ambiance. Just when I was sure I’d hit visual overload, the DJ suddenly dropped the beat to Zebra Katz’s “I’ma Read” and out rushed Azealia Banks in a see-through jumpsuit with glow-in-the-dark patches covering her female anatomy. As Banks launched into her remixed version, the crowd grew more and more hyped with every flip of her long, magenta hair. However, what really sold me on the experience was when Banks’ “gave” the stage to one of her female dancers for a solo routine. As the nimble young dancer started to incorporate all of the popular “ball culture” dance moves such as the “catwalk”, the “dip” and “hands, I began to feel as if I’d fallen into a time warp and magically transported to one of the East Coast drag balls made popular during the 1960’s.

In a time where Hip-Hop is going through a radical period of cultural change – including widening acceptance of homosexuality – I think that Azealia Banks’ incorporation of drag culture is not only innovative, but fascinating as well. For many gay and transgendered men in the ‘60’s, participating in underground drag balls wasn’t just a creative mode of expression, it was a captivating blend of glitz, glamour, fashion, dance and camaraderie. The balls, which were primarily hosted in New York by popular “drag houses” such as “LaBeija” and “Xtravaganza”, were popularized by songs such as Madonna’s “Vogue” and the documentary film, “Paris is Burning.”

As Azealia continued to impress the crowd with fan favorites such as “Bambi” and “Runnin” – and amazingly never running out of breath even though spitting lightning-fast rhymes – it seemed like the spirit of the old drag balls had descended into modern times. Men danced and grinded on other men and so did the women. When Azealia started to rap “212”, the crowd erupted into chaos and started chanting “I guess that cunt’s gettin’ eatin” (one of Azealia’s popular yet raunchy lines). Towards the end of the song, Azealia’s colorful “Fantasea” balloon banner – along with hundreds of smaller balloons – dropped into the crowd and the sound of balloons bursting filled the theater. Then, with a pop of wild confetti, Azealia Banks ended her set and thanked her fans for coming out. As all the revelers streamed outside, I overheard someone say they couldn’t wait for next year’s Mermaid Ball. While I’m not sure if Azealia has any intentions of hosting another “Ball”, I, like the thrilled fan I overheard, am kind of hoping she does.

Check out Azealia's "1991" EP: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/1991-ep/id528698856

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Cardi B To Join James Corden On A Forthcoming "Carpool Karaoke" Segment

Your rapper’s favorite rapper Cardi B is slated to make her debut on “Car Pool Karaoke” with James Corden, Billboard reports. The Late Late Show host teased the upcoming episode, which airs Monday (Dec.17) via Instagram along with a small schedule of the show’s upcoming guests.


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Here’s what the next two weeks look like on the @latelateshow! Seeing the year out with a bang x x x

A post shared by James Corden (@j_corden) on Dec 10, 2018 at 5:17pm PST

In addition to the “Money” rapper, Amber Heard and Armie Hammer will also appear on the same episode. Corden is closing out the last leg of 2018 strong by having a slew of other prominent stars on the show on the last week before the program goes on break for the holidays. The likes of Gwen Stefani, RuPaul, Jennifer Lopez, Emily Blunt, Leah Remini, Lin-Manuel Miranda, among others will be featured on the show after Bardi’s Monday episode.

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The 26-year-old's now estranged husband Offset, along with the other members of Migos were guests on the beloved show. Joining Corden as he drove through the streets of Los Angeles, the trio performed a slew of hits including "Walk It Talk It"  while also giving a nod of praise to past hits, including Whitney Houston's "Wanna Dance With Somebody."

With all the fun Migos had with Corden, we can only imagine what shenanigans James and Belcalis are going to get into.

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Usher Releases "Peace Sign" Video Off Of 'A' Project

Given Monday's (Dec. 10) debate about who's the king of R&B, one of the names that steadily popped up in the conversation has stepped onto the scene. In a visual promotion for his A soundscape, Usher released the video for "Peace Sign" alongside producer Zaytoven.

Previously, the pair hit the studio for an eight-track project that pays respect to their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. It was surprise-released in October and effortlessly fuses ATL's aura on the soundscape. Now, the "Peace Sign" video puts that decision into cinematic motion.

"Atlanta offers a certain attitude and a sauce that I can't explain, and it is a little bit in 'No Limit,' it is a little bit in 'TNT.' I'm literally talking sh*t, man," he said in an interview with The Fader. "I'm popping sh*t that I haven't popped, like really ever. And that's what being in the moment creates. When you have months and months to think about it and you begin to analyze all the people who you need to think of and what you want this entire project to work out, you'll lose certain elements of your spontaneity an incredible culture that just happens in the moment. I didn't give that space. I really was honest with the feelings, I was honest with the conversation and I was really in the moment. And I thank Zay for that."

Watch the video up top.

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