Bag of Tricks: How My Purse Saves the Day


Satchel. Crossbody. Baguette. Tote. Hobo. Messenger. Bucket. Bowler. Clutch. Whichever style it is – whichever color, fabric, or hardware selected – a woman’s purse is a tool that prepares her to take life by the horns. You see, as a Coco chick, each day you step out the house should be treated as an adventure; you simply never know what you’re gonna get! Sure, there are some constants that we can count on. You know – work, school, volunteering, gym – the usuals. But every moment that leads to those destinations and every interval in between is a chance to happen upon something new and exciting, so you’ve always gotta be prepared. A superhero never flies off without his or her cape do they? Nope. So I, being the self-proclaimed super woman that I aim to be, am never without my bag of tricks.

At first glance, some may see the purse as a simple accessory; one of those girly things that we just have, just ’cause. Others view it as a bag of bricks, so to speak, weighty and overflowing with too much of everything; far more than what any one person should require on any one day. Or so they say. Surely men would consider it the “black hole”, for many an item that once fell down into its cracks never saw the light of day again – and that I can’t deny. But it’s so much more than all of these things combined, you see. It’s my home away from home, and within each of its rooms can be found the building blocks of my daily living.

It’s My Office:

I’m never without the tools needed to get my work done, even when on the go. My smartphone keeps me connected via web, email, and apps, and my back-up charger ensures that I’m always juiced up! A superhero should never utter the words: “I’ve only got one bar left!” Things happen, sure, but when gadgets fade to black, there’s no telling what monumental occurrences can be missed. When plans of action need to be mapped out more extensively, my bag holds my notepad, favorite pen, and highlighter for emphasis. And when meeting new people on the fly, and making connections that could lead to possible ventures, it stores my cards. Don’t ever forget your cards – they leave a lasting impression.

It’s My Vanity:

Sometimes you have to run out the house in a flash, but please believe my bag holds the items necessary to put my best face forward! No need to pack my entire makeup kit – simply the essentials. Pressed powder, mascara, lipstick and a gloss, perhaps a neutral shadow palette. To match the look, a scent is key. My atomizer has just enough fruity-floral spritzes to awaken the senses. And don’t forget about the hand cream! One cannot save the day with an ashy patch between the thumb and pointer finger. No. Dice.

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