Bag of Tricks: How My Purse Saves the Day


It’s My Vending Machine:

Going, going, going – sometimes you just can’t stop. But you have to give your body the fuel it needs to get the job done. With that in mind, I keep a light snack and drink at arm’s reach. Bottle of water (or VitaminWater “XXX” – yum!), granola bar, piece of fresh fruit… When I’ve had the opportunity to actually sit down and enjoy a meal, it’s never without gum or mints; nobody needs to know that you like extra onions on your turkey burger. Fail.

It’s My First-Aid Kit:

No, I’m not a doctor, but my bag of tricks has my health in mind. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer are a must with all the touching that goes down in the city: dirty money (no Diddy), poles on the subway train, door knobs – can you imagine!? Then, when I feel a slight sniffle coming on, it has my Kleenex, and even better – packets of Emergen-C to ward off whatever’s in the air. You can’t save the day with a cold, and of all the super powers I have, calling-out is not one that I like to use. *A-choo!*

It’s My ATM:

Cash. Credit. Debit. A little bit of each – just in case. I also keep my good ‘ol rewards card on standby. Those Starbucks, Walgreens, and DSW points add up – you know! Be sure to always have an emergency card stashed deep down within the bag of tricks, as well. NO, a caramel frappuccino does not count as an emergency (not most days, at least. There are always exceptions to the rule). But say your Wolford tights catch a snag on the way to a major networking event? You should always have the means to make a quick stop on the go. H&M, anyone?!

It’s My Walk-In Closet:

I’m almost always able to transform my look throughout the day, because my bag is a mini-wardrobe. When my door-knocker hoops aren’t appropriate for the dinner I just got invited to, my Kate Spade studs are tucked away in the wallet. When I leave out knowing that these 5 inch heels are only gonna be good for about 5 (ok, maybe 3) hours, flats are on standby. And when the sun decides to shine it’s gorgeous rays directly into my pupils? Or even better, when I wanna hide from creepy men on the streets? Sunglasses on deck, shawty. Won’t catch me slippin’.

It’s My Entertainment:

A wait is never an issue when I’m with my bag of tricks, because it always has the tools necessary to keep me entertained. Most days, I can barely stand to take my headphones out of my ears, because my iPod knows my heart! That shady little gadget, I tell ya. Even when on shuffle, it knows all the right songs to play at all the right times. When I’m in need of inspiration, or simply want to have a quick read, a book or magazine is there at my fingertips. Once I get to flapping pages over, there’s no stopping.

And so you see, my purse is so much more than a weighty piece of luggage that I tote around for mere looks. If I were an artist, I would call it my palette, for it holds all the “colors” that allow me to paint the perfect picture on life’s daily canvas. Let’s see what today brings!

What’s in Your Bag of Tricks???

- Chelsea Smith

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