Beyonce’s Stylist Ty Hunter Talks Dressing the Knowles-Carter Family


Behind every megastar is a brilliant stylist to swag them out.

Ty Hunter has been responsible for Beyonce’s glamorous outfits since the beginning. “I’ve been working with her now for about 16 years…it’s just family, like playing dress up with your sister at this point. We have meetings, if she has a vision it’s up to us to bring it to life,” Hunter said in a clip posted by Fuse and shared on Beyonce Indonesia.

He also said that he tag teams with Jay-Z’s stylist June Ambrose on many occasions. “I’m like ‘June, what is he wearing?’ and she’s like ‘what is she wearing?’…it’s been years of that.”

The two styling titans collaborated for the 2012 BET Awards when Bey rocked a thigh-revealing lime green number designed by Stephane Roland.

“Stephane Roland [is] an amazing designer….day of the show we had a fitting, it just worked out so right. That’s the first dress I wanted her to wear in the first place. It was a show stopper; I was really excited for the choice that was made,” revealed Ty.

As far as the Carter babe Blue Ivy is concerned, Ty doesn’t divulge too much but says she has inherited the family’s style.

“I don’t talk about Baby Blue…but she does have style. That’s my baby.”