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Who says you need to be branded as a big league movie director in order to produce an outstanding film? Boyd Tinsley, of Dave Matthews Band defied the odds with his production of Faces in the Mirror, An Indie film that was screened in New York before an audience of 75 fans on Monday night at The Varick Room. Faces in the Mirror, tells the story of a young man who returns home to attend his estranged father’s funeral. The concept for the film began with its music, which was produced by Tinsley himself and performed by members of Dave Matthews Band.

“I would take stuff from DMB and what I was doing that day; I would take that to the night sessions. It’s just like the inspiration was back and forth. I got this burst of new inspiration that I got from the Band that I could take to the sessions and from the sessions to the band. It worked so well like that, when you have dual creative things going on at the same time”, Tinsley told VIBE of his exciting new project.

About four years ago, this project was just a mere dream for Tinsley. Now, after many sleepless nights, a couple of songs and one dream later; Tinsley finds himself at the peak of his success more exhilarating than anything he has ever encountered. “I dreamed and had an inspiration, and this dream came true”. With inspiration from big time movie director Alfred Hitchcock, the script for Faces in the Mirror is written from the music and contains very little dialogue. “I love the way the music and the film work together, the music is what’s going on but on film”, says Tinsley to the audience during a Q&A session. He also draws on Alfred Hitchcock’s style of using silence to provoke mystery and suspense in his movies such as Psycho and North by Northwest. Majority of the scenes in the movie are completely improvised with the love of capturing everything in the moment. “Some of the best music came about that way” says Tinsley.

VIBE also got the chance to speak with Jason Franklin; co-founder of the Arizona based clothing line Sportiqe Apparel Company. Franklin and Tinsley’s friendship of 10 years has now evolved into the beginning of an exciting partnership between Sportiqe and DMB. “This opportunity is a dream come true”, Franklin tells VIBE of the electrifying partnership. At the movie screening, Boyd Tinsley was seen sporting cool shades, blue jeans, and a black shirt by Sportiqe which read Faces in the Mirror; promoting both the partnership and the movie. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

This fall, DMB will be celebrating the release of their new album while fans will get to enjoy the luxury of having their favorite DMB items (hoodies, tees, and cardigans) made available in stores and online. “Sportiqe apparel is a fashion brand for DMB fans” says Franklin.

Tinsley produced Faces in the Mirror with the intentions of debuting it in theatres someday. “To have an independent movie in theatres is a big endeavor. If it reaches enough people, it’ll be enough to put the movie in theatres. You guys are part of a Revolution, spread the word!”
Be sure to watch the web streaming Snag Films premiere of Faces in the Mirror from Seattle on August 30th 2012.