Brandy Praises Beyonce’s Box Braids and Discusses Her Ideal Wedding


If anyone should pay homage to braids, it would be none other than R&B songbird Brandy.

“I love the braids and I love how Beyoncé does different things with her hair,” Brandy told The Jasmine Brand. “People just want something to complain about. Leave her alone, she doesn’t feel like doing her hair right now. Let her have her braid moment.”

She also wouldn’t mind babysitting Bey and Jay-Z’s baby Blue Ivy. “I’m like obsessed, I wanna babysit Blue Ivy. I wish I knew B enough so I could watch Blue Ivy, she’s so damn cute!”

The “Put It Down” singer also dished about her new album Two Eleven. “The project will be released in October…I’m just really excited about music and being back with a new sound,” she said.

In terms of her long-term future marriage wise, Brandy admitted to giving it some thought. “I would love for it to be intimate. I’m a simple girl, I’m not even into the diamonds and stuff. I would love for it to be with people that I know and love. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Honestly if it were up to me I would just do it and get it out the way.”

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